My summer weekend!

Finally I found a time to post here :). It is so busy time for me! Too much work.
But my weekend was very-very relaxing and of course close to nature!
So, some photos here:


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7 Effective Tips on How to Stay Healthy When Your Family Is Sick

a cooking pot and twisted tales


7 Effective Tips on How to Stay Healthy

When Your Family Is Sick

Living around family members who are sick can be quite challenging. This is because while you want to attend to your family, you are also putting yourself at a risk of contracting the illness they are suffering from. As such, there is need to cautiously attend to the sick while taking care of your health first. It is worth noting that just because a person in your family is sick, the rest of you do not have to contract the sickness.

It is important to be extra cautious if the illness in the family is contagious. This is because such diseases can spread very fast and affect everyone in the family particularly children and other people whose immunity is weak. Fortunately, there are several proven tips you can use to ensure that you stay healthy when…

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5 Ways to Break a Bad Habit

Jack Flacco

We all have them but are too afraid to admit it. They dominate our lives, they control our routines, and they sour our mood.

What are they? They are bad habits. And bad habits is bad news for those wanting to live happy and abundant lives.

Let us take a moment to have a look at five ways we can break bad habits, and the benefits that come from overcoming weaknesses.

1. Confess the Habit

Mildred: “Judy, you may not believe it, but I bite my nails, bad.”

Judy: “I noticed, you have yet to gnaw off your cuticle to the bone.”

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to beating a bad habit. What better way to admit you have a problem than to confess it to a friend or loved one.

As difficult as it sounds, it really is easy to do. The problem lies with…

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