My new hobby

Happy New year to everybody, who will read my post!

I wish you good health and happiness to you and your family!
For a long time I didn’t write here. But now I want to show you all results of my new hobby.

My first picture was made of coins and paper napkins.


Second picture was made of salt dough and after was covered with acrylic paint. Continue reading


7 Effective Tips on How to Stay Healthy When Your Family Is Sick

a cooking pot and twisted tales


7 Effective Tips on How to Stay Healthy

When Your Family Is Sick

Living around family members who are sick can be quite challenging. This is because while you want to attend to your family, you are also putting yourself at a risk of contracting the illness they are suffering from. As such, there is need to cautiously attend to the sick while taking care of your health first. It is worth noting that just because a person in your family is sick, the rest of you do not have to contract the sickness.

It is important to be extra cautious if the illness in the family is contagious. This is because such diseases can spread very fast and affect everyone in the family particularly children and other people whose immunity is weak. Fortunately, there are several proven tips you can use to ensure that you stay healthy when…

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