Getting important nutrients when you have food allergies

Paulette Crowley

Around one in 20 people will develop a food allergy in their lives. So how do you recognise the signs, and what can you do about it? Paulette Crowley shares the answers.

mixed-nuts-1195284-1279x869 There is no cure for food allergies – it’s best to completely avoid the allergen.

If you don’t have a food allergy, then you probably know someone who does. Perhaps it’s an allergy to shellfish which means they can’t share in the joys of prawns and lobster; or maybe it’s an allergy to peanuts which means not just avoiding nuts, but also not eating the many chocolate products made with nuts.

Developing a food allergy can be a bewildering experience, firstly trying to work out what is causing all those unpleasant symptoms, then learning to avoid the offending foods. But the good news is that over time, as you learn how to avoid the foods you’re allergic to…

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