What do Eye Bags Reveals About Your Health ||

Hello My Beauties,

Eye Bags are named given to the puffy, fluid filled, bag-like shaped that appears underneath the eyes. It often gets confused with Dark Circles because it often appears in the same time. The eye bag sometimes creates a shadow under the eyes, looking like dark circles. The good news is we are not born with eye bags and one of the major cause is pretty much aging. Something that we can’t stop but we can definitely help ease the process. Eye bags usually occurs at around age 28 in women because that’s optimum peaking age for us. Its pretty much downhill from there. Now due to environmental pollution, preservatives in foods we eat, technology radiation sometimes you can notice eye bags as early as 23 – 25 years old. At around 35 years old that’s when the first sign of aging kicks in. The skin around the…

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