6 reasons our dreams don’t come true!

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Have you ever thought why your dreams don’t come true, ofcourse you did, I did. But why am I saying your dreams didn’t come true? I simply mean we have a lot of dreams, we do have but some come true and a lot of them don’t!

We have observed, that many people give their 100% to get something, they try their best and still don’t get it.

Then what about the quotes we read here and there which say that dreams come true if you work, or make efforts, give your 100%? Okay, it depends on our destiny too, I agree, but what about that situation where we see that other person, who had no chance of winning, achieving what he/she desired, but could get it, where on the other hand we lost even after trying our best!

Ofcourse there are no rules to this, the points I am…

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