How to use microwave safely

If you can not refuse to use microwave oven as me, you should be sure that use it maximum safe for your health. I found some interesting info about microwave effects on food nutrition and our health. Some advices, as for me, a very helpful.

First of all, pay attention on containers you use for microwave! The best dishes to heat or cook any food in the microwave are glass and ceramic. Do not use plastic containers except specially designed to use in microwave. Because they can fill your food by toxic substances.

One more important thing – check the door of your microwave for corrosion or possible damage and make sure that the door is closed firmly. It will prevent a leak of radiation, so protect your health.

Do not stay or sit very close to microwave and be sure that it is serviceable.

It is interesting, do you use microwave oven at home? And what do you think about it?


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