10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Mood

From Outside The Mall

So, I’m just having myself a fabulous day, feeling pretty invincible. 6AM yoga can do that to anyone. And then something happens and I feel completely derailed. Mostly it’s because someone decided to be an ass and ruin my perfect day. Has that ever happened to you?

I just wanted to write down some real quick tips to turn around an otherwise shitty downward spiral that can happen (to me) because we (I) tend to let my thoughts run away. It goes back to my Vipassana days. Being mindful of the wandering thoughts and gently bringing them back to the present moment. Remembering that I cannot change how others behave. I can only control my own thoughts.

Before I get into that, I want to acknowledge my friends and peers across the world who have debilitating mental health issues and cannot simply divert their thought process. I am in no…

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